Auteur : Frédéric Clavert

THATCamp Paris! (EN)

The Digital Humanities community is progressively raising its profile, particularly in the United Kingdom and the United States. As French citizens and continental Europeans, we are invited by our US counterparts to establish our position and participate in the development of the discipline. How can we contribute?

There are several ways. The traditional method of holding conventions and creating an international society of experts seems unsuitable in this situation, firstly because the community is too widespread, too fragile, and has not yet identified its potential members; secondly, because Digital Humanities is still in its early days and is by nature wide-ranging. Imposing a rigid structure at this early stage might have the effect of setting permanent yet unstable foundations for the discipline and bringing about artificially induced obsolescence. What we need is not institutionalisation, but rather invention and co-invention.

Researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences? Come to THATCamp Paris!

My plunge into Digital Humanities began recently, in 2008, after I began working in Luxembourg. I attended some conferences (notably, here, there, and there), participated actively in some others and even organised one. One thing struck me. When I explained that I was a specialist in the history of central banks and in the European integration at these conferences, my interlocutors were astonished that I was interested in digital humanities. Nevertheless, these developments are strongly relevant for me.

Chercheurs en SHS? Venez à THATCamp Paris!

La participation des chercheurs en SHS à THATCamp Paris est importante. L’évolution des nouvelles technologies (plus si nouvelles que ça d’ailleurs) et les risques d’obsolescence qui les accompagnent, la transformation du Web en source primaire et secondaire, la question brûlante des données des chercheurs… sont des thématiques parmi d’autres qui ne doivent pas laisser indifférents les chercheurs.

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